Fleet Management Solutions

Our Fleet Management software, integrates fleets with IoT solutions and helps fleet businesses by enhancing their supply chain visibility, thus resulting in theft protection, better customer experience, efficient process chain management, and also just-in-time inventory management. The following are the major advantages of adopting IoT technology in fleet management:

  • Better management of fleet maintenance and fuel costs
  • Real-time visibility of fleet movement
  • Improved reporting (need based)
  • Increased driver and vehicle safety
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Elimination of fraudulent activity
  • Longer vehicle life spans
  • Reduced labor costs
“According to the Business Insider, Cisco one of the largest logistics provider in the world, has estimated that their Revenue On Investment has increased to $1.9 trillion dollars with assets management . Thanks to the constantly evolving IoT technologies with asset tracking solutions. With attached sensors and tracking tags, now retrieving real-time data is a cake walk.” (Sarah Johnson – Solutions Architect)

Problem Identified

Operations are taking to long.

Fleets run on a schedule. Your credibility and your reliability are intrinsically linked. Do you find that your schedule is always going out the window? That drivers don’t arrive when they should? That the driving behavior is not up to the mark?

You can’t optimize your routine.

Without Fleet Management tracking, it’s extremely difficult to see the route your drivers are taking. There may be problem areas and patterns that can be brought to light with the kind of data fleet tracking systems can provide. Is there a particular route that gets slowed down at the same time every day? Knowing this kind of information can allow you to improve the efficiency of your drivers’ journeys.

You can’t monitory our routine.

Unscheduled or long breaks can throw your timings out, but it’s impossible to find out if this is the problem without data. Equally, you don’t want to come down hard on all your drivers as many of them may be taking perfectly reasonable breaks – their delays may be caused by other problems. This is closely linked to another problem many fleet managers have…

When it comes to your drivers, you don’t know the good from the bad.

Whether we’re talking about aptitude or attitude, the greatest challenge for any logistics company is to gauge the drivers’ performance. This will also allow you to accurately assess your drivers, so you can incentivize good driving and reward your best drivers. It will also allow you to determine where additional training may be required.

Your vehicles suffer unsustainable amounts of wear and tear.

Irregular amounts of wear and tear can be caused by a multitude of factors. Drivers not being given enough time to complete their journeys will cause them to rush which will put undue stress on their vehicle. Equally, hard acceleration and aggressive breaking will put strain on your vehicles.

You are dealing with the reality (or the risk) of vehicle theft.

“where are my vehicles?”
There is a real headache to know where all your vehicles are and to avoid theft/recover stolen property.

You can’t check on your vehicles in the event of a crisis.

Ranging from a major accident on a main road to an unexpected extreme weather event, a crisis can put both your drivers and your vehicles in danger.

You spend too much time doing reports and paperwork.

As a fleet manager you have a huge number of responsibilities. You need to make sure customers are happy, that your drivers are motivated and that your vehicles are in good condition. Unfortunately, we find that many fleet managers end up over-stretched and unable to tend to their duties. Why? They have to spend all their time doing paperwork.

Your running costs are too high.

Fuel, insurance, vehicle maintenance… the lists of costs your fleet can incur will go on and on. Your fleet is a business venture, and you want it to turn a profit. Even if you already turn a profit, increasing that margin can only be good for you, your business and your drivers. Wouldn’t it be better if routing can reduce fuel costs, or improved driver behavior can reduce insurance costs?

Your customers are unhappy.

You might see unhappy customers as a problem, but it’s more likely that its an indication of other issues.

If you’re suffering from one or more of the above issues, then the end result of that will be that your customers won’t be getting a good service. That, in turn, means they will be unhappy with your company. Ultimately, you are losing money! Unnecessarily high fuel costs, speeding fines, excessive maintenance bills, unhappy customers discontinuing their business. All of these things lead to your fleet making less money.


How does Smart Fleet revolutionize Fleet Management

Connected technology has enabled fleet businesses to achieve greater efficiencies while managing their fleets in a better way. The following are a few of the ways in which our Smart Fleet solution transforms the fleet management process:

Provides Increased Visibility.

Being connected assures that you are in total control of your vehicles and staff – you get to know where your vehicles and drivers are at any point of time. Issues—such as drivers making unwanted stops, driving recklessly, not taking the best routes, or wasting fuel—that we were not able to be track using legacy systems and technology, can now be tracked and handled smoothly, with IoT technology being incorporated in fleet management systems.

Leveraging Voluminous Data.

An enormous volume of data is being generated by fleets – factors such as miles logged, fuel consumption, vehicle utilization, speed tracking, and several others have to be managed essentially. This task was very tough before IoT as these had to be managed manually, leading to considerable lags among several things. Now that IoT has forayed into fleet  management, everything is connected in real-time, enabling fleet managers to not only collect and analyze all data, but also act on them promptly.

Preventative Maintenance Performance.

Being connected with all the vehicles ensures that you gain better insight into driver behavior, while being able to monitor your fleet’s health from anywhere, using the device of your choice. Alerts regarding service requirements such as coolant temperature, engine check, low battery, reminders of inspection and other factors empower fleet owners to provide preventative maintenance and ensure that vehicles run in safe way for longer.

Greener and Cleaner Operations.

Things that indirectly waste money and increase wear and tear such as driving over speed limit or excessive idling also adds fuel to the environmental harm. IoT technology used in our fleet management software, helps tracking driver behaviors and uncovering unwanted instances. This results in prompt action by fleet managers that leads to bringing down emission levels and save the environment.

Cost Optimization.

Optimizing costs while ensuring that budgets are wisely managed is the concern of every fleet manager. Having vehicles, devices, and drivers connected empowers fleet managers to better understand how money is being spent and identify areas where they may save it.

A few benefits of Smart Fleet to highlight:

  • Route planning
  • Time Saving
  • Transparency of operations
  • Asset monitoring
  • Driver behavior scorecard
  • Vehicle health and maintenance
  • Improved safety
  • Streamlined and controlled supply chain
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Custom reports
Let’s Talk Numbers

The price per vehicle starts from Rs.15,000/- for the first year and Rs.8,000/- plus tax from next year onwards.